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One of a kind veterinary clinic, serving low-income families, eases suffering and keeps pets in loving homes.

Kitchener, ON (August 1, 2018) — One of a kind veterinary clinic, exclusively serving low-income pet owners, shelter group animals, and feral cats, helps over 5,000 pets in its first year. For one family, in particular, it meant life or death for their beloved pet. Sarah Kalnins found East Village Animal Hospital after calling multiple clinics in the area looking for emergency care for her cat. Unable to come up with enough funds to save her pet she was told her to take her cat to the Humane Society. Unwilling to part with her pet she explored other options and was able to find EVAH, who was willing to work out an emergency micro-loan that suited them.

EVAH is a veterinary clinic which operates as a non-profit and serves low-income pet owners, as well as sheltered animals and feral cats in the region. On average, EVAH receives 50 calls a day. For clients who require emergency care but are unable to pay in full, the clinic may offer an interest-free micro-loan for a portion of the amount required. The loan is paid back as soon as the client is financially able to do so, and these funds are immediately offered to the next client in need. Funding for the micro-loan program is always desperately needed as it is accessed multiple times per day.

We try to be as accessible as possible for those lower income pet families who may feel powerless to help their injured or unwell pet. The amount of love in their hearts is not determined by the amount of money in their pockets. Without ample funds, owners find themselves in desperate situations while the pet may really be suffering. We can’t always perform miracles, but we sure do try our best with what we have available. I’m always so grateful when other veterinary clinics let folks know we may be a lifesaving option.”  said Laurie Ristmae, Executive Director, EVAH. Kalnins is grateful that she was welcomed with open arms and that the staff and volunteers made them feel at ease. “We need more organizations like this locally, ones who will do anything for your pet no matter what financial situation your family may be in,” says Kalnins.

EVAH-Kitchener is celebrating their one-year anniversary on August 1. In this time, they have performed over 3,000 spay/neuter surgeries and close to 7,000 medical appointments.

East Village Animal Hospital is a Humane Alliance-partnered ‘High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic’ dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services for pets cared for by low-income individuals in London and Kitchener, Ontario.

The company’s website at www.evah.ca contains additional information.

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