Social Policy

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McKenty Media was born as an outlet to tell stories – especially those that might not otherwise be told. Our specialty is communicating through multimedia, media training, social media, and strategic planning.

Social channels allow us to find our tribe. They are a unique outlet to join conversations that represent our personal values and interests, sharing optimism and positivity. The key ingredient to our social media imprint is positivity.

Unfortunately, as with any stream of communication, negative comments and bullying behavior can be induced by the illusion of privacy. We choose not to engage in these types of behavior, online or offline.

The following are our social media practices. Should you be engaged with, or on behalf of, McKenty Media your participation must align with our policies.

It is imperative that we remember who we are, what we stand for, and what we do not stand behind. Shaming, ridiculing and/or undermining these goals will result in a terminated relationship.

Rules and regulations

McKenty Media makes certain obligations concerning how we interact with the public, both offline and online.

  • we are transparent in every social media engagement.
  • We protect the privacy of our clients. The information we share online, on social channels, and through traditional media, is shared respectfully and with permission.
  • We respect copyrights, trademarks, and rights of publicity.
  • We will be responsible in our use of technology and will not knowingly align with any organizations that do not respect our client’s right to privacy.
  • We honour, encourage and protect the thoughts and expressions of others.


Roles and responsibilities

We support the right to use blogs, personal websites and other social media tools as a form of self-expression. It is important, in all conversation and communications, that we remain coherent of the implications of engaging online. The expectations for personal and professional use of social media are described below.

When you are referring to our brand, our business or our client relationships on your personal social networks, keep in mind that:

  • personal information and delicate material should be kept private unless these details have been approved as sharable.
  • you are responsible for your actions, use discretion.
  • you are an ambassador for our brand and are encouraged to disclose that you are associated with McKenty Media.
  • when you see posts or commentary on topics that require expertise respond with approved messaging. When in doubt, ask.
  • as an ambassador, familiarize yourself with our rules of engagement before posting on social media


As an ambassador, online and offline, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with our policies. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in the termination of our relationship, as well as a tarnished personal and professional reputation – post and speak in an educated manner.

  • disclose your affiliation with the brand.
  • those who are speaking for or on behalf of Mckenty Media must be transparent.
  • when in doubt, ask – before posting.
  • give credit and do not violate others’ personal rights.
  • Do NOT claim proprietorship of something that is not yours.
  • Make certain that third party information, documentation, visuals, and digital content are credited for.
  • Do not use copywritten materials without permission
  • Remember, anything you post online is permanent.