Natasha encompasses over a decade of experience in broadcast media, but her love for this field goes back as far as she can remember. As a child she didn’t play house, instead, she created her own imaginary talk show. Guests on this ‘show’ included pets, dolls, and extended family members – no one was safe.

She knows the importance of communicating with an audience – telling the stories that people want to hear.

She is an active part of her community, an advocate for the underdog, and a passionate leader. Her experience as a producer, journalist, writer, mother, and communicator propelled her to find her calling: public relations.


PR is about people and her love for media has always been socially driven, fueled by the stories she uncovers and the desire to share them. Her hope is to make a positive impact on the community her children are growing up in while staying true to her passion.

She continues to host a local magazine show, part-time, showcasing local arts, culture, and food. Her goal is to highlight human interest stories of local organizations, charities and people who make #KWawesome.

Natasha created McKenty Media as an opportunity to combine the transferable skills she cultivated during her career in television broadcasting with her recent education in PR.

The goal:

  • to communicate as a PR professional on behalf of local talent, established businesses, entrepreneurs, and charitable organizations
  • to build positive, lasting, empathetic relationships between organizations and the community
  • to continue acting as a voice for the otherwise voiceless, telling the stories that run the risk of not being heard

In a world where newsfeeds are filled with negativity, there are many positive narratives worth telling.